In-house courses

Fluent language skills boost confidence and help your company's employees achieve their goals.

The groups are small, allowing the instructor to cater to each learner’s needs. Choose between an online, on-site or hybrid course.


How we go on from here:

  • Create small groups based on your existing level and needs
  • Define your goals and design your course programme
  • Agree on organisational details
  • Make an informed decision - sign the contract after the first meeting

Our method delivers results

Our goal is to bring language training into the 21st century.

We combine the latest digital solutions and technologies with online and on-site teaching, using modern learning materials. Our instructors are not just teachers, but partners and supporters, empowering participants to build confidence and sharpen their communication skills.

We manage the training process from start to finish – assessing participants’ language levels, forming optimal groups, creating content, and measuring outcomes.

To achieve fast and tangible results, we suggest two sessions weekly over a minimum of 15 weeks. Each session is 2 academic hours (90 minutes total). But we’re all about flexibility – if you have different ideas, we’re open to them! Upon completion, participants will be awarded a certificate, available in both digital and print formats.

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